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Everyone wants to be happy…but we’re not very often taught how. 

How do we find happiness during the struggles of isolation, in-person gatherings, health concerns, and future uncertainty?
How do we, as caring, compassionate women, find the courage to prioritize ourselves and be happy anyway?

Join Leah Skurdal, Wellness Universe World Changer, at our meeting June 9, and learn five tools to build a daily happiness routine. Use these practical tools to discover your happiness within.

Leah Skurdal has been teaching people to navigate stress and find their inner happiness for over 25 years. In our meeting, Leah will feature tools from the International best-selling series, The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self Care: 25 Tools for Happiness. This well-being toolkit combines stories of personal experience with grounded action to help the reader discover real happiness.

Leah is a contributing author to the Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self Care Book Three, How to Achieve Anything, launching on June 22.  She also authored the book, Seeking Serenity: How to Find Your Inner Calm and Joy, available on Amazon.

Leah Skurdal guides people to up-level their stress response and bring their best selves into their personal and work relationships through her transformative online practice community, Living in Well-Being. Through individual Energy Healing sessions by phone or Zoom, Leah shares intuitive insights that address the roots of disharmony and guide people into happier, healthier relationships. https://LeahSkurdal.com Find her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

“Leah Skurdal is an enthusiastic, expressive and ultimately effective speaker. She has so many stories! She is very good at using storytelling to illustrate a point and also to pull in her audience. I’ve heard her speak many times and after every one, I’m looking forward to the next.” Arah B.


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